Roberto Verdecchia, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, bio photo

Roberto Verdecchia

Computer Scientist, Research Fellow at VU.

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Current Position

  • Research Fellow of Software Engineering
    S2Group, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    Conducting research and teaching activities in the Software Engineering field, with particular emphasis on Empirical Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Technical Debt, Software testing, and Software Energy Efficiency.



I have been a Teaching Assistant for several MSc and BSc Computer Science courses and projects, which always resulted in a pleasurable and formative experience.

  • Primary responsibilities covered
    Supervising research and course projects, tutoring teams of students, conducting seminars and exercise sessions, correcting exams and deliverables, managing e-learning platforms, attending weekly meetings with instructors to align course content, material, and grading criteria.

  • University Courses
  • PhD Schools
  • Supervision
    I had the great pleasure to supervise (in quality of first or second supervisor) the following theses:
    • “Recontstructing the Architecture of Android Apps”, Tanjina Islam. 2019
    • “Guiding Developers in Architecting Android Apps”, Geert de Pont. 2019
    • “Technology Considerations and Design of a Web Application for Training and Surveying Software Developers” , Frederik Bonfanti. 2019
    • “Effect of HTML5 Local Storage Strategies on Energy Consumption”, Ahmad Yasir Moosavi. 2019
    • “Usage of Local Storage Strategies in the Most Visited Websites”, Ali Nikouei. 2019
    • “Mining GitHub repositories for analyzing the evolution of statically-detectable bugs.”, Bob van den Berg. 2018
    • “A study on the evolution of resource leaks in Android and iOS apps.”, Christopher Ras. 2018
    • “A Cross-Store Study on Performance-Related Commits in Mobile Applications”, Hui Chen. 2018
    • “Proposed Scenarios for the Environmentally Sustainable Development of Tourism Transport within Europe”, Sophie Vos. 2018
    • “Mining testing artifacts for Android applications”, Vasco van Meekeren. 2018


  • Graduate Research Intern
    Graduate research intern focusing on the analysis of an in-house software product.
    Main tasks consisted in architecture reconstruction, static and dynamic analysis of code bases, server management, performance testing, automation scripting and statistical data analysis.

  • Software Engineer Intern
    Requirements engineering and architecture trade-off analysis for the Airport Garden City IT infrastructure project at the Lelystad Airport business park.

  • Freelance developer
    Designed and developed several web applications supporting data-analysis processes, traffic analysis, search engine optimization, ad-hoc costumization and marketing strategies.


  • I am fluent in Python, R, and LaTeX.
    I am also bilingual in German and Italian.

  • I feel at ease with expressing myself through C++, Java and MySQL. From time to time I use HTML, CSS, and Javascript in order to try to create eye-pleasing things.
    English (in both spoken and written form) is my go-to language for communicating scientific concepts.

  • I am in the (slow) process of learning Go and Scala.
    I also understand the majority of what is said to me in Dutch and Spanish, to the point that I started learning it.

A slightly more compact version of my CV is available here.