Roberto Verdecchia, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, bio photo

Roberto Verdecchia

Computer Scientist, Postdoctoral Research Associate at VU.

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I have been involved as co-lecturer and teaching assistant of several BSc and MSc Computer Science courses and projects, which always resulted in a pleasurable and formative experience.

Primary responsibilities covered supervising research and course projects, tutoring teams of students, conducting seminars and exercise sessions, correcting exams and deliverables, managing e-learning platforms, attending weekly meetings with instructors to align course content, material, and grading criteria.

University Courses

PhD Schools


I had the great pleasure to supervise (in quality of first or daily supervisor) the following theses:

  • “ATDx: A tool for Providing a Data-driven Overview of Architectural Technical Debt in Software-intensive Systems”, Sebastian Ospina. BSc. 2021
  • “Visualization of Energy Consumption in Container-based Hardware Virtualization”, Andrew Tan. BSc. 2021. 🏆 Best Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam BSc Thesis Award 2021.
  • “Under pressure! Characterizing the relation between technical debt and scheduled releases”, Atrestis Karalis. MSc. 2021
  • “The Energy Footprint of the Data Center Industry”, Floris Boeve. MSc. 2021
  • “The Energy Footprint of the Data Center Industry: a Dutch Perspective”, Christiaan Beels. MSc. 2021
  • “Architectural Tactics to Optimize Softwarefor Energy Efficiency in the Public Cloud”, Sophie Vos. MSc. 2021
  • “A sustainability-quality model in digitalization projects”, Ayesha Noorain Rizwan. MSc. 2021
  • “Real-time visualisations of an energy consumption metric for virtual machines”, Patrick Hoekstra. BSc. 2021
  • “Visualising the Energy Consumption of Selected DC Components of a Data Center”, Rowan Suurmond. BSc. 2021
  • “Detecting Architectural Technical Debt in Stack Overflow Discussions”, Nicholas Kozanidis. BSc. 2020
  • “ArchiDroid: Automated Android App Architecture Reconstruction”, Mohammad Vakili. BSc. 2020
  • “Recontstructing the Architecture of Android Apps”, Tanjina Islam. MSc. 2019
  • “Guiding Developers in Architecting Android Apps”, Geert de Pont. BSc. 2019
  • “Technology Considerations and Design of a Web Application for Training and Surveying Software Developers”, Frederik Bonfanti. BSc. 2019
  • “Effect of HTML5 Local Storage Strategies on Energy Consumption”, Ahmad Yasir Moosavi. MSc. 2019
  • “Usage of Local Storage Strategies in the Most Visited Websites”, Ali Nikouei. MSc. 2019
  • “Mining GitHub repositories for analyzing the evolution of statically-detectable bugs.”, Bob van den Berg. BSc. 2018
  • “A study on the evolution of resource leaks in Android and iOS apps.”, Christopher Ras. MSc. 2018
  • “A Cross-Store Study on Performance-Related Commits in Mobile Applications”, Hui Chen. MSc. 2018
  • “Proposed Scenarios for the Environmentally Sustainable Development of Tourism Transport within Europe”, Sophie Vos. BSc. 2018
  • “Mining testing artifacts for Android applications”, Vasco van Meekeren. BSc. 2018